Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Patients arriving at hospital emergency rooms are often triaged into three groups:  (1) No amount of intervention will save the person, (2) patient can survive if care is eventually provided, and (3) survival requires immediate care. This process focuses scarce resources where they can do the most good. 

Opportunities for your business often arrive in bunches. Does your organization have a process to rapidly and efficiently prioritize them?

To avoid a decision delay which might cause you to lose the opportunity, postpone the assessment of potential risk, resources required evaluation or the identification of obstacles. Instead, preserve valuable time by first triaging the opportunity by asking these two questions:

  1. What quantifiable benefit is produced if the opportunity is successfully exploited?
  2. How quickly will this benefit be realized?

This prioritization will quickly help you focus your scarce resources on those opportunities that can generate better results.

What process do you use to discern opportunities?
How much time is consumed by this process?