How Strong Is Your Leadership Agility?

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Increasingly, leaders are describing their operating environment as dynamic, unpredictable, and complex, reflecting shifting market trends that are concurrently impacting their customers. It’s an environment that challenges their established means of creating value, for customers and themselves. They need to promptly and profitably adapt to these highly dynamic circumstances, but often feel unprepared to do so. And the future promises that this trend will continue to accelerate.

The traditional response to helping leaders succeed has been to provide them with more relevant information and to strengthen their skills. But this approach is proving to be inadequate in the current environment – the stresses of urgency and greater complexity require a more intentional, proactive leadership development approach that boosts a leader’s agility, their capacity to more efficiently resolve a diverse array of complex problems.

One of the leading firms with deep expertise in strengthening leadership agility is the telos institute (

The Leadership Agility model utilized by telos measures a leader’s capacity across three stages of developmental progression from tactical, to strategic, and finally to organizational. Each stage reflects how much information a leader allows into their decision-making process across a range of leadership situations including pivotal conversations, leading team initiatives, and driving organizational change.

It’s a model that enables customization to align with the needs and objectives of the organization, serving leaders by providing a roadmap for capacity development and suggesting behaviors that a leader can employ in any given scenario to accelerate their development.

Agile leaders build agile organizations. Increasingly, leadership agility is proving to be a key competency for business success in this dynamic and complex market environment.

How could stronger leadership agility improve your company’s performance?

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