Client Testimonials

Grōlistic helped us demonstrate how our services add value to our customers’ business to help them achieve their goals more quickly. This strengthened our customer relationships and opened new opportunities. Their ability to effectively align our competencies with our customers’ business strategies made customers want to deal with us.”

Steve S., Ph.D.
Director of Sales & Support; Pharma Development Services

Grōlistic’s experience building businesses helped us clarify our distinctiveness creates value for our customers, focus our business goals, and strengthen our culture and processes.”

Jim R.
President, Engineering Services Company

Grōlistic helped us implement substantive, experience-driven and logical paths to success. They are direct, yet empathic regarding our specific circumstances and highly responsive to helping us work through key issues with the level of detail we need. As a result, our growth has accelerated. We deeply value our relationship with Grōlistic.”

Michael M.
President, Materials Management Company

“Through my leadership development program with Grōlistic, I learned how to think more strategically, promote dialogue and collaboration, build relationships and develop a culture of shared accountability. The resulting leadership plan they helped me create has generated quantifiable benefits for our business.

Steve K.
Director, Manufacturing Company

“Among the things I learned about leadership, culture and change from Grōlistic are:

  • Envisioning the leader I aspire to be and creating a plan to become this leader.
  • Realizing that leaders are expected to lead changes through influence and inspiration, not cheerleading, to improve results.
  • Building a team culture that feels comfortable voicing their opinions, committing to objectives, being accountable and acting to create value.
  • Expanding my cross-functional knowledge and using it to strengthen relationships, internally and with customers.
  • Understanding my responsibility to help each team member reach her/his full potential.

James B.
VP, Healthcare Network

“I have worked with other consultants and coaches over the years, which led to some incremental changes in my businesses. Then I started working with Grōlistic. This is world class coaching that was transformational. Their uncanny instincts about people and business helped us immensely with alignment, productivity and growth.”

Chris M.
President/Entrepreneur, Digital Tech Company

“Our company has experienced dramatic, sustained growth over the past few years. We sensed that the growth in revenue had outpaced the development of our staff and turned to Grōlistic for assistance. Our only regret is we had not done so sooner. They were instrumental in outlining clear, practical, and result-oriented practices to create better alignment between departments and transform our culture to a collaborative, performance-based team. And the one-on-one executive coaching has yielded tremendous benefits for our executives, on both an individual and collective basis”

Bill F.
President, Food Services Company

Grōlistic helped me look at the present and future of my company, and the people we hire. Their consulting and support gave me the launch that I needed to send me in the right direction with my company. I am thoroughly grateful to them for sending me contacts, articles and other materials that helped me launch this business. They have the experience that is needed to grow any company … professional, personable, intelligent and full of expertise.”

Deb S,