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At the Nexus of Strategy, Leadership and Culture …

Is an organization’s people—its most sustainable competitive advantage—who are the face of the business, cultivating the trusting, enduring relationships which are its lifeblood.

Insights from the Grōlistic Blog

  • 3 Vital Tasks for Welcoming a New Leader
    The start of a new year may find you welcoming a new leader to your team. Key to your onboarding effort is emphasizing the need to build relationships that are essential for the leader’s success.  Guiding your new leader to accomplish these 3 tasks will support …

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  • Accelerating Progress
    It won’t be long before excessively busy schedules, endless meetings and heavy workloads again become the norm. Before that happens, there’s an opportunity to assess your, and your business’, journey from “what is” to “what can be.” It’s an exercise that can help accelerate your progress …

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  • Reflections
    With the year-end approaching, it’s a good time to assess your progress – personally and professionally.  Amidst continued uncertainty, it’s constructive to hit pause and reconnect with guiding values and beliefs, to count blessings, to reflect on what’s been achieved, and to appreciate those …

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