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At the Nexus of Strategy, Leadership and Culture …

Is an organization’s people—its most sustainable competitive advantage—who are the face of the business, cultivating the trusting, enduring relationships which are its lifeblood.

Insights from the Grōlistic Blog

  • Astride the Fulcrum
    Improving business results can often feel like you’re sitting astride the fulcrum of a teeter-totter. One side of the seesaw represents the process and precedent that delivers efficiency, quality and risk aversion. The other side embodies a challenge to the status quo, a drive …

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  • The Value of Doing
    The prime directive for leaders is to improve results. One way they accomplish this by nurturing a culture which understands what has produced success, challenges the status quo, and cultivates ashared commitment for embracing productive change that creates value for their customers and their business.  A …

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  • 3 Steps for Resolving Differences
    Securing a team’s commitment to a direction, decision or action, typically requires the resolving of differences within the team to identify and agree on the best way forward. These 3 steps can help: 1. Employ empathy. As the discussion begins, listen empathetically to the …

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