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At the Nexus of Strategy, Leadership and Culture …

Is an organization’s people—its most sustainable competitive advantage—who are the face of the business, cultivating the trusting, enduring relationships which are its lifeblood.

Insights from the Grōlistic Blog

  • It’s What’s Possible, Not What’s Wrong
    The work of leadership is to improve the business – its culture, its practices, and ultimately, its results – by transforming self-interest into shared commitment. To succeed, leaders must convince those they lead that they can make a difference, creating an environment that asks what’s possible, rather than …

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  • Why Shared Accountability
    Appreciating the significant impact of accountability on performance, many leaders seek to augment the individual accountability of each team member with an overall team, or shared accountability, in which all team members are responsible to one another, as well as to the leader, for …

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  • The Genesis of Trust
    Generosity is the genesis of trust. When enduring relationships drive your growth strategy, then earning trust is foundational. And often, the seed of that trust, the critical first impression of your company, is planted by those in your business who are your customer’s initial …

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