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At the Nexus of Strategy, Leadership and Culture …

Is an organization’s people—its most sustainable competitive advantage—who are the face of the business, cultivating the trusting, enduring relationships which are its lifeblood.

Insights from the Grōlistic Blog

  • The Nexus of Purpose and Time
    The nexus of purpose and time is progress – the prime directive for every leader. Time is currency, and in the end, it’s the only currency that matters.  There’s only so much of it, and it’s unrecoverable. While reacting to your daily barrage of …

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  • Strengthening Your Power of Perspective
    Perspective is one of a leader’s most powerful tools.  Acknowledging and respecting the perspectives of others enables the relationship building that is foundational for achieving goals, developing others, and delivering sustained improvements. The power of perspective is an intentional discipline, requiring time and commitment …

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  • Leveraging Competitive Advantage
    You’ve invested much to create and strengthen your competitive advantage; it’s a combination of your offerings and your culture.  Leveraging it to productively drive your growth, in an increasingly dynamic market, compels you to consider how best to invest your precious time and resources …

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