Believe It or Not

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

In today’s marketplace, there’s lots of barking and not much listening. Everyone is in a hurry to inform why they are right, loudly and clearly.

When your debate or pitch isn’t resulting in a dialogue about facts or rationale, when no one is conforming to your ideas or even engaging with you in a productive discussion about competing ideas, then the easy answer is to decide that your audience simply doesn’t know enough.

This assumption often leads to more barking, at even higher volumes, about negative consequences, all in an attempt to address the perceived ignorance.

But ignorance is typically not the problem.

The root cause of this challenge is that your audience doesn’t care about your topic or position, at least not to the depth that you do. And why don’t they care? Because they don’t believe what you believe.

Do you share a common purpose? Do you agree on core values? What creates inspiration for them, touches their emotions?

Logic and knowledge cannot convince when there is no shared belief.

How do you react when your message is not being heard?
How can you discover what you have in common
with your target audience?

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