Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Goal achievement is accelerated when results can be visualized. What does exceptional customer service, or extraordinary teamwork, or a successful new product launch look like? How do realized benefits from these initiatives fulfill the Company’s purpose or create momentum towards a Company’s vision.

You can’t achieve what you can’t see.

Throughout history, humans have practiced the act of visualization, thinking in mental images or pictures. Athletes consistently utilize this technique to help them achieve their goals.

To accelerate goal achievement, help your team “see” how success looks, inside their minds as an image. Once a goal is specified, ask these questions:

  1. What steps must be taken to reach the goal?
  2. What benefits will be realized by achieving the goal?
  3. What will be different after reaching the goal?

Next, stimulate all the senses to bring a visual of the realized goal to life. Imagine specific details of the image: what will be heard, what will be felt, will scent be different? The clearer the visual, the more compelling is its motivating action.

Goal visualization:

  • Activates creativity at the subconscious level, opening minds to inspired new ideas;
  • Attracts people and other resources who share a similar perspective about the meaningfulness of goal success, generating the critical mass needed to achieve goals;
  • Motivates people to invest discretionary effort to do the work necessary to accomplish the goal.

You can’t achieve what you can’t see.

Which of your goals could benefit from visualization?

How would faster goal achievement benefit your business?