3 Attributes That Boost Customer Loyalty

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

When asked why they are loyal to a particular supplier, customers don’t award the highest grade to outperforming competitors on product or service, or to securing a better price-to-value ratio than the competition. The highest grade is consistently awarded to the sales process they experienced. The primary driver of customer loyalty is the sales experience itself.

A salesperson or business that respects the customer’s time by demonstrating urgency and efficiency earns preference. Sales representatives who help customers lift their heads to think strategically about the future, and share information about new issues and trends in the market, are perceived as trusted partners.

More than demonstrating exceptional professionalism or proven problem solving skills, the 3 selling experience attributes that most drive customer loyalty are:

  1. Providing valuable insights on market trends and competitive activity;
  2. Helping evaluate alternative approaches to minimize decision risk;
  3. Remaining engaged after a purchase, providing ongoing support and counsel.

In this dynamic economy, customers are seeking to learn, not just to purchase. Exceptional salespeople and organizations realize that winning customer loyalty involves understanding the customer’s business and goals, and committing to support their long-term success.

How often does your sales team demonstrate these 3 attributes?
How can you boost customer loyalty?

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