Earning your customer’s commitment requires many steps, and Grolistic has teamed up with SalesFitness™ to create 6 video resources highlighting successful techniques that produce thriving customer relationships.

How Do You Convince Customers To Give You The Order?

Video #1 Stakeholders

  • Identifying key influencers (stakeholders) in the customer’s decision making process
  • Learning how to address the stakeholders goals & needs to gain their commitment

Video #2 Goal Alignment

  • Learning the concept of producing Strategic Value for the customer;
  • Aligning your proposal to ensure that the value produced addresses the goals and needs of those key stakeholders to deliver a win/win result.

Video #3 Decision Dynamics

  • “Decision Dynamics”  Recognizing the customer’s decision-making process and who will make the decision helps you determine the key motivating factors that will influence the customer’s decision.

Video #4 Points of Agreement

  • “Points of Agreement” – To efficiently earn your customer’s commitment, summarize and gain agreement the current situation, key needs and goals, and the customer’s constraints from insights you discovered in the selling process.

Video #5 Multiple Options

• “Multiple Options” – Customers love options so proposing 2-3 astute recommendations based on the insights you have gained will often lead customers to choose the option that best suits their needs, earning their commitment to proceed.

Video #6 Building on Success

• “Building on Success” – The most successful sales people recognize that an enduring customer relationship is more valuable than an individual transaction. Learn how to build on success to strengthen your relationship and generate future opportunities.

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