Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

It requires empathy to convince someone that your stance on an issue is worthy.

We tend to communicate messages the way we like to hear them, without realizing how our listener might hear them. As a result, messages are often not understood as intended.

Asking the other person to explain first, and listening for how they try to persuade you, provides clues about how they interpret what they hear from you. Then, you can adapt how you describe your position to match their communication style

Arguments based on concepts like tradition, fairness or relationships will not be heard as intended by those who prefer to communicate on the basis of science, analysis or studies. Folks who prefer to get directly to the point do not fully hear arguments that hope to lead them to some conclusion.

Communicate your message in a way that ensures that the listener will hear you.

How often do you strive to be first in presenting your position?
How strong are your active listening skills?