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Powerful Moments of Connection

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Last weekend, a few of my closest friends and I gathered to share memories, stories and laughter at our college reunion. Each of us wandered off at times to reflect on our personal journey during those years, but by far, the most rewarding, enjoyable moments occurred when we were together, reconnecting with the experiences that created our bond.

In addition to being the essence of a meaningful lifetime, enduring relationships are the lifeblood of a sustainable business. Customer relationships grow stronger and more intimate when we join their pursuit of success, when our caring about their business is evident in the openness and responsiveness of our people who support their progress.

Enduring, intimate customer relationships are built one moment at a time, powerful moments of connection. These are moments during challenging situations when our people act to deliver more than expected, helping our customers make a difference for their customers. They are moments when we discover what our customer values, revealing how well their organization’s purpose aligns with ours. They are moments when two organizations share a struggle, and in the process, create a memorable bonding experience.
How do your key customers make a difference in their market?
How can your people deliver […]

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Speaking to Persuade

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

It requires empathy to convince someone that your stance on an issue is worthy.

We tend to communicate messages the way we like to hear them, without realizing how our listener might hear them. As a result, messages are often not understood as intended.

Asking the other person to explain first, and listening for how they try to persuade you, provides clues about how they interpret what they hear from you. Then, you can adapt how you describe your position to match their communication style

Arguments based on concepts like tradition, fairness or relationships will not be heard as intended by those who prefer to communicate on the basis of science, analysis or studies. Folks who prefer to get directly to the point do not fully hear arguments that hope to lead them to some conclusion.

Communicate your message in a way that ensures that the listener will hear you.
How often do you strive to be first in presenting your position?
How strong are your active listening skills?

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Getting Paid

Until you get paid, contracts are just promissory notes. You deliver the product or do the work based on a promise of payment.

Your customer likely expects to pay you. Use these 3 tips to help them keep their part of the deal:

Don’t extend credit to new customers without an assessment:

If an order will have a large impact on your bottom line, run a credit check before signing a contract, and seek a down payment, even if the credit status is acceptable. Partial payments ease customer cash flow and reduce your liability.

Send invoices promptly & make your payment expectations clear at the beginning:

The sooner your invoice is in the mail, the sooner you get paid;
Specify payment terms in your proposal & negotiate them together with your quoted price;
Include your agreed payment terms and due dates in your purchase Agreement and require that your customer sign the written Agreement.

Make it easy for customers to pay you:

Keep your promise! Deliver what was promised and confirm this with the customer without mentioning payment due;
When applicable, propose partial payments. They get the customer’s skin in the game and ensure that you receive some compensation should the […]

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Revealing Constraints Compels Action

Discovering why a prospect needs a remedy is what makes the difference between a single commodity sales transaction and a comprehensive solution that produces sustainable value and launches enduring relationships. The most compelling solutions help the prospect overcome constraints that are hindering goal achievement.
Why is identifying obstacles the most vital part of the discovery process?
Productive sales discovery begins by clarifying a prospect’s current circumstances and stated needs.  With the starting point identified, the focus shifts to isolating the end point – learning why the prospect is considering a new solution.  How does meeting their need not only relieve an existing pain point, but also help them achieve their goal? How does it help them succeed?

Once the goal is revealed, the most critical part of the discovery process can be launched.  Now is the time to probe about constraints that are hindering progress towards the goal, revealing why the prospect is dissatisfied with their current situation and considering a change.  Change is risky, so insight gained about barriers the prospect has encountered enables your proposed solutions to specifically target the elimination of those barriers.  This reduces the change risk and motivates the prospect to consider prompt action, creating demand for […]

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Managing the Concession Request

One of the more challenging customer conversations every salesperson faces is the negotiation discussion. It’s almost inevitable that the climax of this dialogue will be the customer’s request for a concession. What’s the most effective way to manage this conversation to ensure that both parties win? 

The first step in a successful customer negotiation is planning. What factors favor you vs. which favor the customer? What additional information is needed from the customer to better position your offering vs. what other information do you expect the customer to solicit from you? What are your target and walk-away prices vs. what is your expectation about the customer’s target price? What customer needs must be met and why is it necessary that this occur? Without a plan, the probability is low that a win-win conclusion to the negotiation will result.

Negotiation is a process. Following a specific set of steps through the process preserves a constructive dialogue with the customer and helps break the tendency of settling too soon.  

The first step in the process is to defer the customer’s early request for a concession. It starts by acknowledging that price is important, and asking permission to clarify the needs that the customer […]

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New Years Come & New Years Go

A new year approaches, a chance to start anew
To overcome barriers, and achieve a breakthrough.
To develop new plans, and consider new dreams
A fresh start to ponder, new goals to achieve.
Invest more energy with your people this year
There’s much to learn from what you’ll hear.
Your advantage they are, there’s more you can gain
With less focus on “things,” rewards to be sustained.
New years come and new years go
But my appreciation for you, just continues to grow!
Happy New Year!

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3 Ways To Move Faster

In this dynamic marketplace, how can you move faster?

How can you accelerate your time to market? How can you react faster to opportunities? How can moving faster help you grow, or save you time and money?

Moving faster primarily involves your decision-making process. Here are 3 ways to move faster:

Accelerate decision-making. First, you must choose to decide. Ask yourself if waiting to decide will generate any more useful information. If the answer is no, then why wait? Get it done, and make the decision only once, unless new facts arise that provide a beneficial reason to change your mind.

Prioritize your decisions. Not all decisions are equal. Making decisions in the right order accelerates the process. Keep the end in mind, review your plan and make the most costly and time-consuming decisions first. Get them out of the way and the simpler decisions will flow more quickly.

Manage the inputs to your decisions. When soliciting opinions on your pending decision, ask only those people who can improve the results of your decision or those whose influence will make it more likely that your decision won’t be challenged later.

As you gain confidence making decisions like this, you will move ever faster.
How much time […]

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The Mystery of Mastery

Leaders seeking higher levels of engagement have learned that clarifying the purpose of their business (the reason they exist in the marketplace), enabling their people to increase their autonomy, and encouraging the development of mastery in the workplace have increased collaboration and commitment among the workforce, producing higher profit.

Of these 3 components, the pursuit of mastery, the drive to get better at something, can be most challenging.  The definition of “mastery” continues to evolve, causing some mystery around how mastery should appear.

At one time, the perception of mastery was clear. It referred to an extraordinary competence, related to technical excellence or subject matter expertise.  Masters were those who have the highest levels, a “state-of-the-art,” understanding and technique in a given discipline. There was a compulsory set of specific skills to be learned and applied.

But as the world grows increasingly more dynamic and knowledge continues to expand at an exponential rate, the definition of mastery has also progressed. Now, pursuing mastery drives us to discover the core of our creativity and ingenuity, transcending the obligatory mastery of skills. It’s about using our curiosity, initiative and imagination talents, paired with the keen observation and problem solving abilities learned through experience, to […]

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WIRE-Net Seminar Series: Are Your “Peddlers” Killing Your Business?

WIRE-Net Seminars, presented by U.S. Bank, are affordable, convenient, and timely—keeping you up to date with the latest trends. You can learn from industry professionals with first-hand knowledge of current best practices and trends in areas that matter most to manufacturers.
Register Here!
Are Your “Peddlers” Killing Your Business?
Customers have many options available to fill their needs. It’s easier to treat every possible supplier like a commodity. When your sales people respond to inquiries by telling them how you are better, faster, or cheaper than the competition, you confirm their perception of you as a peddler – you lose the opportunity to be distinctive.

Defeat commoditization . . . separate from competitors . . . accelerate growth.

Understanding how to be partner and not peddler is the focus of this workshop.

Partnering is more profitable than peddling

Avoid the three common excuses that position you as another commodity
Strengthen your distinctive offering
Produce strategic value for customers

Make your prospecting more productive

Use a focused process to discover new prospects
Improve sales productivity
Identify new value-generating opportunities

This is a working session – not a presentation – and it will energize you!

Presented by Bob Schultek, Grolistic, and Bob Sullivan, InfoGrow.
Bob Schultek and Bob Sullivan each have 30 plus years of proven business […]

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It’s Your Choice

“Our customers buy only on price.  If we don’t offer the lowest price, they go elsewhere.  They don’t care about anything else…it’s just price.  That’s the way our industry works.”

Annie was reacting to my challenge that acting like a commodity is a choice you make.

“So is your key strategy to always offer the lowest price…in every circumstance, for every customer?”  When Annie replied, “Not really,” I asked:

“Why do customers contact you?”

Annie is a customer service manager who described her business as a global logistics company who can ship any product to any place in the world and ensure that it arrives on time and ready to use.  In fact, they strive to get the shipment delivered early.  When I mentioned that I didn’t hear anything about price in her description, Annie responded with, “But that’s what they always ask first…how much will it cost to ship to someplace and we tell them how fast we can deliver and at what price.”

Annie came to understand that she had a choice about how to respond to such inquiries.  Her customers care only about the value her business can produce for them – value she thoroughly described in her description of her […]

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