Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Increasing activity with current customers is still the most productive, profitable means of boosting sales revenue. And the service level experienced by the customer is a core driver of this increased activity.

In today’s market, access to information is so effortless that many products are seen as commodities and the life cycle of a technical competitive advantage is a long weekend. Providing exceptional service, that saves your customer time and money, is a proven differentiator.

A customer service representative creates a memorable, personal experience by recognizing the customer, actively listening to the inquiry or need, and providing potential solutions in an efficient, knowledgeable manner. To your customer, these folks are your company – folks with unlimited access to your customers.

How much time is wasted, how much customer frustration is amplified, how much money is lost due to delays in resolving customer problems?  How many opportunities for repeat business vanish because your service level reveals a lack of respect or appreciation for the customer’s business? How much of your customers’ satisfaction is impacted by your customer service reps?

Your customer service function is a profit center, not a cost center. Invest in your customer service team, discover what they think and what they need, and then empower them to promptly and personally answer inquiries or resolve problems. Your return on this investment will be delivered by increased customer satisfaction and growing sales.

How are you measuring the return on your customer service?
How can you better support and empower 
your customer service reps?