Effective Team Characteristics

Robert Schultek Author of The Gauntlet

Leaders may not always get the opportunity to choose their team members, but they can set the expectations for those they lead.

Once those expectations are understood, leaders can shape their teams to develop the shared commitment and appreciation for each other that maximizes their effectiveness and is grounded in these three characteristics:

  1. Clarity: Trusting in their leader’s direction, in alignment with their Company’s values and culture, and in partnership with one another, team members can operate with clarity about their roles, goals, and actions.
  2. Accountability: Relying on their leader’s support, team members can take appropriate risks, accepting their individual and shared accountability for acting with urgency, focus and thoroughness to fulfill their responsibilities.
  3. Impact: With appreciation from their leader, team members feel valued, believing that their individual and joint efforts to take ownership of challenges and achieve goals makes a difference for customers and their organization.

How might clarity about your expectations, and these characteristics, strengthen your team?

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