Bob Schultek

Bob Schultek

We all recently relived the horrific events that seared the date of September 11th into our memories. It was a tragic day, but it provoked in us a realization of common purpose that many had forgotten.

Do you recall the pride and energy that our shared purpose aroused in us?

There are days when you feel like your business is under attack. Meeting rapid fire challenges drains the energy in your organization and can cause your team to forget the true Purpose of your business.

 Would your company benefit from a revival of pride and energy?

Every business should be distinctive and valuable. The true Purpose of your business may have been articulated by your founders, but does it still endure at the core of your organization today?

Over time, organizations become consumed with surviving, growing or reacting to the marketplace. Companies that started as opportunistic, money-making enterprises forget why they exist, beyond the need to make money. You can forget your Purpose – your reason for existing – and lose the essential fuel that elevates performance and achieves goals.

Sustained, profitable growth is created by synchronizing increased revenue with elevated performance.

Rediscovering your company’s higher Purpose generates energy, the power that drives action – like the power we all sensed on that awful September day twelve years ago. Realizing your Purpose is motivational, inspiring higher performance, innovation and continuous improvement. It’s contagious, stimulating an entrepreneurial spirit throughout your organization that produces value for you and your customers.

Why does your business exist and why is that important?

Why do you and your people devote your energies to your organization?