The Prime Directive for Service

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Customer relationships are valuable, fragile, and the foundation of your business.

Your customer-service personnel are your front-line representatives, the face of your business. When

something does not go as planned, how they respond to your customer-in-need makes all the difference in how that customer appraises the value of your relationship.

How are your service people trained to respond?

Do they deliver a scripted reply, based on what they can see on their computer screen, and then if pressed, express an inability to help before transferring the call, or worse, providing a different number for the customer to call?

Or, do they listen with empathy, act with genuine care and concern, and then take ownership of the problem, eventually providing a resolution plan and following up later to ensure customer satisfaction?

If your business relies on your customer relationships, then the prime directive for your service people is taking ownership of the customer’s problem.

This is what your customer values and expects.

How do your service people respond to your customers in need?

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