The Power of Promises

Bob Schultek Author of
The Gauntlet

In a market where customers have many options available to them, “promising” an outcome, and then delivering it, is a differentiator.

A promise is more than a commitment to produce products or services. It’s intimate and specific to each customer. It conveys an obligation to put your customer’s needs and aspirations ahead of your own, based on an appreciation of their circumstances and what they value, as well as your probability of success.

Fulfilling a promise transforms a transaction into a gratifying experience that creates value for your customer, and for your business.

Delivering promised benefits generates the trust that creates enduring customer relationships. But when your employees are aware of your fulfilled promise, it enables them to learn how making a difference for your customer adds meaning to their work, building loyalty and strengthening culture. Talented people gravitate to companies who care about their customers, and whose leaders appreciate their efforts.

Could the power of promises strengthen your business?

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