About Promises

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Organizational culture is a core element of sustainable competitive advantage. Talented people gravitate to companies who care about their employees and customers, companies whose leaders measure and strengthen their culture, recognizing its impact on their ability to create value. 

One tactic that demonstrates this value proposition is making and keeping promises. In a world where customers have many options available to them, “promising” an outcome, and then delivering it, is a differentiator.  

A promise is deeper than a business commitment to deliver products or services. It’s personal and intimate, reflecting the trust and integrity that builds enduring relationships. It conveys the commitment of the business to put a customer’s needs and aspirations ahead of their own.  

Given the impact and risk related to a making a promise, a culture-driven business does not do so without first clearly understanding what the customer values and why, and then assessing how likely it is that the promise can be delivered.  

Fulfilling a promise transforms a transaction into an experience, triggering a gratifying emotional reaction for employees and customers. Employees discover how their personal efforts make a difference for the customer and the business, a difference that satisfies the customer, generates progress and builds loyalty, strengthening the relationship that creates value for both parties. 

An organizational culture that fulfills promises leverages their competitive advantage to build enduring relationships that are key to their sustainability and success.  

What role do promises play in your customer relationships?

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