Currently reading David Bohm: “Wholeness and Implicate Order” which is, perhaps, one of the more important books since World War II.

He is exploring ways of making consciousness, rational thought, and physical reality (especially as defined by twentieth century physicists) weave together in a cohesive and sensible and understandable way.

A lot of life is “stochastic” (from the Greek “stochos” which means “target” and thus “to aim”). In physics, in neuroscience, in biology, in higher math, in spirituality, and many other disciplines, we often do not hit the target but merely “aim” and try to cluster our “arrows” at a point we as of yet cannot see.

In this principle, certainty is often elusive yet aiming and clustering is still necessary. This can also be an internal experience similar to “lostness” and the need to “aim.”

Who has felt that recently?

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