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Latin this time not Greek; from the ancient writer Lucretius (“De Rerum Natura”; “On the Nature of Things)

His book was lost to us for a thousand years and then suddenly rediscovered by Poggio Bracciolini in 1417 in the library of a dusty German Monastery.

Lucretius used the word “climanem” to describe a “swerve” an inclination, a bias, a movement that originates at the atomic level (Lucretius translating and expanding the thought of Epicurus) but impacts all areas of life; psychology, physics, biology, chemistry,

For our purposes, we simply reflect on the “swerve” within and what happens to us as we mature. We grow more connected to an inner “call” (“vox”) and must heed the call to “swerve” into new directions and transformations.

“Swerve” and “call” and “response” are fundamental to spiritual movement and formation.

PointeVierge (“The Virgin Pointe”) is located in the “movements” of individuals and leadership and groups/congregations. We focus on:

 Individual direction and transformation
 Leadership direction and transformation
 Congregational direction and transformation

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The 3 “Cs” of Enduring Companies

Companies that endure consistently demonstrate 3 behaviors. How does your organization compare?

Enduring companies are particularly effective at:
1. Connecting: They understand their purpose or mission, and realize the value of collaborating with all stakeholders in their business – employees, customers, suppliers, etc. – to fulfill it. They are engaged in the long term success of their business and build relationships rather than processing transactions.
2. Committing: They focus on the future even as they manage the present. They appreciate that they are on a journey, sustained by their commitment to one another and to their customers. They expect to be here next year and ten years from now, revealing their reliability and enabling the growth of trust.
3. Conversing: They thrive by talking to one another, sharing their story with customers and suppliers, and affirming their purpose for existence. Their communication is genuine and without invented urgency. There’s no cliff, no constant crisis that always demands immediate action, destroying attention and trust in the process. They have each other’s back.
How consistently does your organization demonstrate these behaviors?
What steps could you take to bolster the 3 Cs in your company?

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Just completed the new book by James Hollis (“Hauntings”) a Jungian therapist, professor, author and extremely helpful to all of us in the consulting/counseling professions. 

He speaks of “hauntings.” For example:

“The greatest haunting we all suffer is the lost relationship to the soul” (140)
“Becoming a person is actually a very difficult project” (140)
There is within us a “vox” (an inner call to vocation) and also “vocatus” (that which the outer world is asking of me/us)
Within our haunted souls (anxiety, depression, lostness, psychosis, neurosis) is a deep sensibility to “act” and generate movement as a solution to our haunting
Hollis quotes Beckett & Rilke :

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Beckett (145)
Our task is to be “continuously defeated by ever-larger things.” Rilke (145)

Spirituality as a theme and investigation is all the business rage today. For us, simply; where do we place ourselves within this context?

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“Coniunctae Feminae”

Yes, it is Latin: “Coniunctae Feminae” (Women United). It was the title selected for a women’s retreat in recent days; there being some woman who wanted “more” than the typical business seminar.

We divided the themes into four parts. Thus:

An examination of Temperament (MBTI) and how we function with it
A series of stories told by participants which we described as “numinous narratives” (stories of impact and intervention into our lives: a person, an event, a symbol
We discussed “liminality” which is the feeling and actual circumstance of being in an “in between” place, a point of “transition.” We wrote and we spoke.
Lastly, we went through “mapping” exercise in an attempt to define what “more” means for us and how do we carve a path going forward

Our methodology was very interactive with plenty of room for dialogue and summary.

Interestingly, this process is a microcosm of how to handle a transition, be it personal, or in a group. Transitions are often scary, difficult, unexpected, and in our current world of complexity, it is good to have a method and approach.

Are you experiencing a transition in your life?
Join us for our monthly Leadership Skills workshop and discover new pathways for your personal and professional […]

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Currently reading David Bohm: “Wholeness and Implicate Order” which is, perhaps, one of the more important books since World War II.

He is exploring ways of making consciousness, rational thought, and physical reality (especially as defined by twentieth century physicists) weave together in a cohesive and sensible and understandable way.

A lot of life is “stochastic” (from the Greek “stochos” which means “target” and thus “to aim”). In physics, in neuroscience, in biology, in higher math, in spirituality, and many other disciplines, we often do not hit the target but merely “aim” and try to cluster our “arrows” at a point we as of yet cannot see.

In this principle, certainty is often elusive yet aiming and clustering is still necessary. This can also be an internal experience similar to “lostness” and the need to “aim.”

Who has felt that recently?

Invest a few hours each month learning, sharing and growing as leaders.
Ensouled Leadership Executive Roundtable
provides resources and guidance to improve leader effectiveness.
CONTACT US at admin@grolistic.com or call Bob Schultek at 216-272-4449
to learn more about our executive roundtables.

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A Navaho word which could be translated as the “hungry ghost” the “empty ghost.” This is a characteristic of the “empty self” as stated by J. P. Moreland (Love Your God With All Your Mind).

The “empty self” is a cultural phenomenon in our society:

Extreme individualism 
Narcissism (exclusive self-absorption)
Lack of empathy for others
Infantile personality (“puer aeternus”- – -the eternal child)
Passivity thru consumption of entertainment and living vicariously
Excessive materiality
A multitude of addictive behaviors

Perhaps the question is:

How do we take on the “devouring ghost?”
We are entering a season of anticipation and borning. Do we stand with “angels” or “ghosts?”


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“The Numinous”

It’s from the Latin “numen” meaning a nod or beckoning, particularly the nod of the Gods of ancient myth. It was rediscovered and brought into western thinking by the German Philosopher/Theologian Rudolf Otto in his book “The Holy” (“Das Heilige”) first published in 1917.
Otto began a shift away from the rationalism and speculative side of the enlightenment and more toward an “irrational” side of religious understanding; a sense of “power” and “mystery” and a sense of the “living God” (following a lead by Luther).
The numinous is the wholly other; the “mysterium tremendum” and the “mysterium fascinans.”
The numinous (sacred) is “saturated with being and power.” Life is full of the manifestation of the sacred (“hierophanies”) intersecting into our lives.
C.S. Lewis knew of it and discussed it widely; his books have literally taken off as religious bestsellers 50 years after his death.
Sooooooo. . .what has (or who) intersected into your life and do you wish to share?

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It’s from the Latin “limen”: a threshold, a door, a passage and in our time refers to psychological or metaphysical state of being; to discuss psychological states; rituals of passage.
Increasingly the word usage can be found in psychological & theological literature recognizing a sense of the holy, the sacred, and the transcendent; often the threshold between consciousness & unconsciousness (“subliminal”).

Some examples from life:

The feeling of always being in between and never “there”

Equinox & Solstice: Noon & Midnight: Dusk & Dawn
Out of a job/work
The Twilight Zone
Lost Islands & places (Bermuda Triangle, Jurassic Park, etc.)
Purgatory & Limbo
New Year’s Day
In between beings (typical of this time of year)

Shapeshifters, Cyborgs, Androids, Tricksters
Monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein, Grendel, etc.

Experiencing liminality:

Alienation, Marginality, Drift, Homelessness, Sense of Loss
Unusual degree of Vulnerability, Feelings of Intimacy and Ultimacy
Sudden emotional “drafts” from either “within” or “without”
Highly charged images and thoughts
Sense of an amputated past and a vague future: growing sense of life’s limits
The appearance of a messenger or guide (dreams, images, experiences)
Nostalgic periods of grieving for a vaguely felt absence
Lassitude, depression, disillusionment, disappointment

For the time being, let’s not try to solve this contemporary feeling, issue, problem to solve; let’s simply reflect and perhaps share the experience of it.

Reflections welcome.


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An Introduction To Spiritual Direction

We are seeking two volunteers who have interest in seeking pastoral/spiritual counsel and potentially seeking to be of assist to others.
 What to Expect:

5 sessions to be scheduled May/June/July as befits participants
Structured sessions (60 minutes per session)
The relationship is a partnership (not hierarchical)
We will focus on one discerned theme
There will be homework assignments
This experience is from the Christian basis and presumes a denominational attachment
We will evaluate and summarize at the end



Understanding one’s temperament
Discerning a current life theme of importance
Writing a spiritual biography
Scripture and prayer to begin each session
Understanding the “numinous” in one’s life
Understanding “liminality” in one’s life



Interactive dialogue
Structured inputs
Structured homework
Each of last three sessions to focus on discerned theme
Sessions are from a holistic/life viewpoint
A blend of personal history, Christian Formation, and holistic pragmatism



A discernment from a thematic and holistic perspective
A refreshment from daily stresses
A learning about one’s self
Identification of important themes in life
A process that is compassionate and growthful



Contact admin@grolistic.com for more details.


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Spiritual Formation Workshop

Pointe Vierge offers formation and guidance in facing the complexities of a lived life; business, career, beliefs, decisions, and critical issues. We seek to establish an “ensouled” foundation.

Events in the international and national scene point up the need for ongoing grounding in our values and establishing alignment between our personal inner core and our concrete daily lives.

We believe that this alignment is essential in developing a mature response to life’s issues of ultimacy and intimacy. It is core to spiritually grounded decision making.

Our founding partner, Vic Pergola, has spent years in preparation (ongoing) in building a competency in a number of fundamental disciplines to this effort: depth psychology, theology, scripture, Western and Christian history, and the traditions of spirituality.  Please join us! […]

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