Positive Disintegration

Doing a fair amount of reading recently and came across this:

A fundamental truth in professional therapies is “positive disintegration” stated by Polish psychologist Casmir Dobrowski. He posits that:

“Most people grow as a result of falling apart.”

In the Dialogue with another therapist it was suggested to Dobrowski that surely a person can grow through success.

Dobrowski responded:

“Theoretically, yes, we can grow through our successes, just as easily as we can through our failures. But I can say this: through more than forty years of psychiatric practice I have rarely seen it. Almost always deep growth takes place through the opposite-our deaths, our losses, our dark nights of the soul.”

Many of us have been through disintegration in these previous years and even currently. The “positive” part of this experience is often elusive.

Many have experienced painful disintegration in the workforce. The issue in transformation is one of interpreting correctly and moving forward boldly.

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