Adapting to Customer Centricity

Bob Schultek
Author of 
The Gauntlet

In this increasingly customer-centric market, here are some organizational issues to consider:
  1. To generate growth, profitability and sustainability, ensuring that a business is continually creating strategic value for customers is a primary responsibility for leadership. Creating value for the business begins by first creating value for customers; customer value is monetized to validate its contribution to business value.
  2. To reliably create strategic value and strengthen sustainability, the business:
    –Discovers what customers value, why this is important and what obstacles constrain progress;
    –Innovates by collaborating with customers to resolve a challenge and fulfill an aspiration; and

    –Improves performance by moving faster and more nimbly.

  3. Leadership ensures that every person in the company, including back-office and production personnel, understands how they share accountability/ownership for creating value. Each understands how she or he impacts the customer, and each is motivated by leadership to refine and optimize their impact. Staff members are empowered to make decisions, within guidelines established by leadership, to better serve the customer. The structure of the business evolves over time to sustain value creation.
How are you adapting your business to address escalating customer centricity?
How are you driving the productive change necessary to continually create value? 

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