3 Tips to Elevate Team Performance

Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Teams can become stale over time, losing their drive to elevate performance and improve results.

Some team members drift towards doing the tasks that they always do because they’ve proven that they can do them well. Others become bored doing the same tasks; they want more of a challenge.

Best-selling business and motivation author, Daniel Pink, offers 3 tips to elevate team performance.

These 3 points can rejuvenate the team, refresh their purpose and lead to improved results:

  1. Make the team more diverse. Revitalize teams by including members whose backgrounds and training are not homogeneous. You want team members who are open to new ideas, can stimulate one another and learn from one another.
  1. Try some task shifting. Encourage team members to cross-train others so they can move on to try a new assignment, perhaps learning some part of a more experienced teammate’s work.
  1. Stimulate with purpose rather than reward. Teams bond when they share a common mission. Focus on the purpose for their work, the factor that makes their efforts more meaningful – accelerating a process to add value for customers, outperforming a competitor, launching a new product that will help a customer grow.

Elevating team performance is vital for your organization to sustain its competitive advantage. These tips create positive change that re-energize the group without destroying its camaraderie.

Which of your teams needs refreshing?

How can you incorporate these tips to help you?





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