Generosity and Appreciation

While the holiday season can be busy and demanding, take time to reflect and to consider the joyfulness of being with others. The holidays are a time of generosity and appreciation, kindled by our experiences with family, friends, and community. Generosity comes in many forms, and all of them are gifts, generating gratitude in the recipient and the giver. Author Seth Godin says it well: “Generosity and gratitude often go together. They light a path …

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That First Prospect Meeting

When first meeting a prospective customer, the objective is to establish rapport, a personal connection, something you have in common, that can be the kindling for igniting a new relationship. The connection might emerge from the circumstances that caused you to meet, or from a shared experience, or from something you notice about the person. It’s what launches a conversation thatreveals your common experiences and values to one another, the human touch that enables trust …

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3 Attributes That Increase Your Value to Customers

Bob Schultek Author of The Gauntlet In a commoditized market, why do customers choose to build enduring relationships with some suppliers? It’s all about the strategic value you produce for them. Customers cite 3 attributes that increase your value: 1.   Reliability Customers expect you to keep your promises—it’s the price of admission into the relationship. If your team makes it easy to do business, perhaps delivering exceptional service as well, then your value is increased. What …

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How Does a Trust Relationship Begin?

For trust to begin growing, the right intent must be readily apparent. Sharing a valuable insight, without expecting to get anything in return, is a natural first step. When no insistent ulterior motive is involved, the kindness of the offer is appreciated. Making the offer implies sacrifice – it took an investment of time and resource to discover the valued information that is now shared, with no repayment expected in return. The wrong intent is sensed …

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3 Questions People Ask About You

Bob Schultek 216-272-4449     People take action because it benefits them. If you’re a leader or a salesperson trying to connect with others, your focus must be on them. It’s a simple truth that is often forgotten. Your target audience will ask themselves 3 questions to discover your intentions: 1. “Do you care about me?” Mutual interest is the impetus for establishing a connection. Trying to learn another person’s perspective regarding a shared goal or concern …

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Generosity Is The Genesis Of Trust

 What does generosity look like? Contributing and connecting without expectation of being repaid. Refusing to blame or demean others. Keeping promises and fulfilling commitments. Telling the truth. Seeking to understand another’s opinion before challenging it. Expressing support for shared truths, values and goals. Clarifying expectations – yours about your associates, and theirs about you. Preparing sufficiently before the work begins. What do you contribute to develop trust? Why are you trusted?

3 Essentials for Sustaining Trust

Trust is the foundation of enduring relationships – trust in self and trust in others.  Individuals and organizations cannot change and grow without it. If generosity creates trust, then what sustains it? Trust must be earned, revealed and validated by your actions. Demanding that others be trustworthy, or proclaiming yourself to be, is a futile expression. Sustaining trust requires the determined implementation of 3 essential elements: Caring: You cannot trust someone you believe lacks a …

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