“Quaestio mihi factus sum”

Yup, it’s Latin. . .from Augustine some 1600 years ago.

Typically translated as follows:

“I have made a question of myself” or “I have become a question to myself”

Or let’s be more colloquial in translating:

“I have become a puzzlement to myself” or “I puzzle me”

How interesting that a statement so ancient sounds so modern and psychologically contemporary. It’s the statement one hears very often in coaching others; be they young and starting out; or somewhat accomplished yet confused; or older and trying to figure out what to do “when I grow up.”

Of course the problem is that we are in fact already “grown up” and choices are before us; “questions” seize us and we become our own puzzle.

If we look at the quote again we note the following:

“Me” is sandwiched by the “question” (“Quaestio”) and by an “action” (“factus sum” has “facio” as its root which is “to do or to act or effect.” So when in a place of puzzlement, it’s prudent “action” that is called for. Do we ask the right questions? Do we produce the proper actions?

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