The Price of “Free”

Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Offering something for free to capture attention remains an effective technique – everyone can be seduced by a zero price. But are you attracting the right prospects? Could they become customers who actually invest in your product or service? What is the true price of “free?”

Offering something for free often attracts the wrong type of prospect. Something in your message appeals to these folks and they react to the word “free” but they rarely actually pause to consider the value of your offering.

You want them to look your way and ultimately to invest in your product or service. You offer a free sample or a free hour to entice them to try your unique merchandise. But how do genuine prospects, potential customers, assess the value of your free offer? How do they determine if your offering is worth their consideration if they don’t know understand its significance?

The true price of free can be a wasted investment in attracting the wrong prospects.

People reacting to a zero price rarely stop to consider if the offering is worth it. They never even ask the question about the offering’s value and so they will never be your customer.

To attract potential customers using your free offer, first specify its value. Giving something away for nothing, without establishing its worth, implies that the offering is worth nothing. Customers expect to trade price for value so give them reason to assess your value using your zero price offer.

How can your free offer better communicate its value for potential customers?

How does your team follow-up with prospects who accept your zero price offers?

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