Leaders Make The Difference

Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150As their leader, your people are always watching you – and you are impacting how they perform.  Leaders make the difference.

When you’re the leader, to your direct reports, you’re the most important person in the organization. You influence their willingness to stay or their urge to leave. You shape their career trajectory, their behaviors, their motivation to do their best work, their connection to your company’s purpose, and their commitment to exceeding your customers’ expectations.

You establish the leadership example you expect them to model. You are the one who teaches them how to respond to a challenge, from resolving a competitive situation to handling an ethical dilemma. You are the one who cheers with them when they win, and guides them through a crisis or a loss.

Leadership is all about the actions you take to exercise your influence. You are accountable for the leadership you demonstrate and responsible for the quality of leadership your direct reports experience. And that experience impacts your success as a leader.

Because you are the most important person to your direct reports, you need to decide how good a leader you want to be. Leaders make the difference.

What qualities define your leadership style?

How could you be a better leader?

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