“Coniunctae Feminae”

Yes, it is Latin: “Coniunctae Feminae” (Women United). It was the title selected for a women’s retreat in recent days; there being some woman who wanted “more” than the typical business seminar.

We divided the themes into four parts. Thus:

An examination of Temperament (MBTI) and how we function with it

A series of stories told by participants which we described as “numinous narratives” (stories of impact and intervention into our lives: a person, an event, a symbol

We discussed “liminality” which is the feeling and actual circumstance of being in an “in between” place, a point of “transition.” We wrote and we spoke.

Lastly, we went through “mapping” exercise in an attempt to define what “more” means for us and how do we carve a path going forward

Our methodology was very interactive with plenty of room for dialogue and summary.

Interestingly, this process is a microcosm of how to handle a transition, be it personal, or in a group. Transitions are often scary, difficult, unexpected, and in our current world of complexity, it is good to have a method and approach.

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