Building Enduring Relationships

Bob Schultek Author of
The Gauntlet

Relationships are the essence of life. For businesses, and those who lead them, relationships are lifeblood.

Enduring relationships are characterized by two defining principles – caring and responsibility.

When leaders solicit suggestions, express appreciation, and share credit, they create a positive environment where employees feel valued and motivated. A more personal sense of caring is revealed when a leader seeks to learn what a direct report values, aspires to, and is motivated by.

Leaders who take responsibility, operating with integrity and transparency, foster a culture of open communication, team commitment and shared accountability. They become models for those they lead. The most respected and effective leaders believe that their greatest responsibility is to reliably meet their commitments, consistently doing what they say they are going to do for their team, their company and themselves.

Leading with care and responsibility builds trust, strengthening relationships, enabling teams to succeed, and producing value for customers. Enduring relationships are the outcome.

How does your leadership build enduring relationships?

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