“Build Your People and They Will Build Your Company”

Empowering Your People To Create Value

Bob Schultek
Bob Schultek

In today’s economy, we are evermore dependent on technology to accelerate responsiveness, increase productivity and enhance service.  Yet as our dependence on technology grows, so does our thirst for human connection.  This phenomenon is called the “High Tech-High Touch” trend, first described in the early 1980s by John Naisbitt in his book MegaTrends.  Just recall a time when you had a crisis or critical question, but could not connect with a human being to get help, and you’ll understand.  There are critical situations in business where we need skilled people to resolve issues that computers cannot.

Technology can be quickly copied and commoditized, so the knowledge and capabilities of your personnel can make the difference in sustaining and leveraging your competitive advantage over time.  Success belongs to those who employ the most competent and knowledgeable personnel.  The competency of your people, and the extent to which they are empowered to serve your customers, is what differentiates your company and strengthens your edge over the competition.

Maintaining your competitive advantage requires continuous education at every level so that your personnel acquire new knowledge and skills to remain valuable to your company and your customers.  To determine what new knowledge and skills they need, train your personnel about your core customers, including why your company is valuable to them and how your business with these customers improves your company’s performance.  Next, enhance your personnel’s understanding about your company’s operations and how the business earns its profit so they recognize how their work contributes to the productivity of your company.

Sharing knowledge that already resides within your company is also important.  Many companies have vital information and skills in-house, but it is often not accessible in the areas where it could be best utilized or is most needed.  There are numerous proven methods for encouraging continued learning or facilitating the spreading of needed knowledge within your organization

 “Build your people and they will build your company.”

Knowledgeable, competent personnel acting with accuracy and urgency drive your company’s performance.

How do you ensure that your employee training empowers your personnel to serve customers?

 How do you share knowledge within your organization?

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