“After The Thrill Is Gone…”

Is Passion Still Essential In Business?

Bob Schultek
Bob Schultek

My friend, who is responsible for new business development at a major tech company, was complaining about the rate of technological evolution the other day.

“These days, we barely get a long weekend of product exclusivity,”
he grumbled.

Today’s rapid technological turnover requires all hands on deck to fight the commoditization trend!  It’s not enough to have owners or senior management being the only ones proposing new ideas or technologies.  Those who work daily with customers, or with your products and services, are often anxious to share their ideas, if they have receptive and supportive managers, plus passion for your business.

Passion generates energy, the power that drives action.  Passion is motivational, inspiring innovation and continuous improvement.  Being enthused about an idea makes it more likely that the idea will be put into action.

Passion is contagious, and you need it to spread through your organization.  Encourage your personnel to get fully-engaged with your business, to buy into your vision and goals with their hearts and minds.  Like all emotions, passion will come and go, but it is an essential fuel for sustaining your distinctiveness and achieving your goals.

You can inspire and nurture this entrepreneurial spirit inside your businesses by providing a forum to propose and discuss ideas, and to share knowledge.  Offer incentives for ideas that improve the company’s growth performance.  When passion starts to fade, consider:

  • Introducing a new idea or technology that disrupts the status quo and compels a response;
  • Radically accelerating your speed to market or response time;
  • Changing the infrastructure, the rules or the flow of information to empower or quicken decision-making; or
  • Dramatically altering pricing structure.

Passion driven activity should focus on strengthening your distinctiveness to clearly separate your company from competitors.  Passion infuses your actions with vitality, accelerates your work, and helps you continually produce strategic value for your customers.  PASSION is more essential for business today than ever before!

How are you enabling Passion in your organization?

 How could you be constraining Passion in your company?

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