It’s Greek: from the verb poiew (to make, to fabricate). It is the root of our word “poetry” which for us is a noun but in its Greek root it is a verb.

It is a conjunction point: work & thought; matter & time; begetting & bringing forth; it is a sense of movement.

In the twentieth century in both philosophy and literature the sense of “Poeisis” defines a movement “from” something “to” something: examples

  • The blooming of a blossom
  • Butterfly from cocoon
  • The plummeting of a waterfall
  • The melting of snow

Poeisis in our new century defines personal and corporate “movement” with the most obvious examples being technology and biology which define the frontiers of our current century.

The challenge of Poeisis is thus individual and corporate; the need “from” something “to” something; a sense of change and transformation.

The real point here is that it is a VERB. Soooooo. . .what are we doing?

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