Your Culture – Your Choice

Organizational culture is always evolving, moving in one of two directions.

Bob Schultek
Author of The Gauntlet

One track leads towards more openness, collaboration and transparency. Moving the other direction brings greater control and dependence.

A leader’s vision and beliefs, when aligned with the organization’s, drive the cultural direction for the business. And that choice impacts growth and sustainability, how the company operates and how it prioritizes potential investments.

Given the increasingly dynamic nature of markets, the incessant rate of change, and the many options available to your customers, culture direction is trending towards greater engagement and agility. As you consider how best to create value for your customers and your company, consider these questions:

  • How would your business benefit by moving faster, acting more nimbly and consistently innovating?
  • Does your business create greater value by encouraging those you lead to become more informed and engaged with customers and one another, or by preserving focus on conforming to established internal standards?
  • Does your business progress faster by encouraging your people to offer suggestions and participate in productive change initiatives, or does your current culture perceive this approach as causing disruption and wasting valuable time?

Does your business create more value through collaboration and transparency, or greater structure and control?

Which direction will produce greater prosperity and sustainability for your business?

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