Two Directions for Culture

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Culture tends to move in one of two directions, and as a leader who influences which path your organization and team will take, you have a decision to make. It’s a choice that impacts how you work with others in the organization and the investments you make in your business and yourself.

One path leads towards more openness and transparency. Turn the other direction for control and dependence.

Does your business benefit if your people are smarter, faster and more connected to one another and to your market than they used to be?

Are you hoping that those you serve become more informed, or is greater focus on conforming to the established standards more important?

Are you helping your people gain confidence and mastery in their work, or is fear of failure a better motivator?

Are you encouraging those you lead to pursue greater autonomy or less?

Do you want your people to feel comfortable offering suggestions, or are you concerned that doing so causes confusion and wastes time?

Do you seek productive change or more control?

Leaders and organizations follow one of these paths every day.  Will you pursue more openness or more control?

What’s your choice?

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