The Work of Leaders

Bob Schultek Author of The Gauntlet

Creating value is the work of leaders. 

It’s a perpetual challenge, involving the preservation of key customer relationships, the constant quest for innovations, and the relentless pursuit of quality, productivity and sustainability, all simultaneously occurring in accordance with the company’s culture. 

Preserving proactive, strategic customer relationships yields insights about evolving aspirations, goals and needs, which enable adaptations to ensure that these valuable relationships endure. 

Observing and assessing trends from industry or market engagements encourages the curiosity and anticipation that inspires innovation

Aligning operating functions to improve cross-functional performance and produce strategic value for customers while maintaining equilibrium between those tasked with challenging the status quo and pursuing innovation, and those responsible for quality, efficiency and risk aversion. 

Leaders are expected to create value by securing commitment and cultivating shared accountability that improves results. Leveraging their credibility, influence and ability to inspire, they mobilize their people to challenge what is possible, transform goals into actions, model core principles and strengthen culture so that value is created for customers and for the business. 

What can you do differently to strengthen your value creation?

How does your team share accountability for your 
company’s overall performance?

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