The Price of “Free”

Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Have you ever been seduced by a zero price offer? Did it cause you to think about the real value of what was being offered for free, or did you just react to the word “free”?

Have you considered using the “free” offer tactic to attract new customers? Would doing so entice the right customers – those who might actually invest in your product or service?

Most people find “free” offers to be compelling. They eagerly react to the word “free” and rarely pause to consider the value of the offering – what the offer is worth to them?

Because people reacting to a zero price typically don’t assess the value of your offering, they will not ultimately invest in your product or service, and will never be your customer. So why invest your precious resources to attract the wrong prospects?

Giving something away for nothing, without first establishing its value to a customer or prospect, implies that your offer has no value. Why would a customer, or a genuine potential customer, consider taking the next step, and actually purchasing the product or service that your free offer is intended to incent, if they cannot assess its value for them?

Customers expect to trade price for value. To attract potential customers with a discounted price or zero price offer, or to ensure that an existing customer recognizes the generosity of your offer, first specify its value to them. How does it help them increase their sales, make money or reduce cost? Give them reason to evaluate how this benefit may eventually be earned, by taking advantage of your zero price offer now.

How can you ensure that your free offer communicates its value for potential customers?

How does your team reinforce this value when following-up with these prospects?


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