The Fall

genesisPROJECT ONE:  
“The Fall”
Robert Alter/Michelangelo/GenesisMini-course on GenesisConducted by Vic Pergola
We Need You:6 volunteers (first-come, first-serve)

     Strong commitment to complete series

When:Five Thursdays in Oct/NovOct 10th, 17th, 24th: Nov 7th, 14th

6:30-8:30 pm

>Content:  We will use the book by Robert Alter:
“Genesis: Translation & Commentary”
Session One: 
A review of the Creation Account (Alter’s Introduction)
Session Two: 
Chapter One: Genesis (Alter Book + Biblical account)
Session Three
Chapter Two: Genesis (Alter Book + Biblical account)
Session Four: 
Chapter Three: Genesis (Alter Book + Biblical account)
Session Five:
Chapter Four: Genesis (Alter Book + Biblical account)

  • We will read the creation account aloud prior to each session
  • We will write quietly in a journaling exercise
  • We will discussthe assigned topic per class
  • We will generate summaryconclusions on the material
  • We will generate a threefold comparison: The Painting by Michelangelo; The Book by Alter; The Creation Account by Genesis

Please Bring:

  • A notebook (electronic or pen and pad)
  • An Old Testament
  • Purchase the Alter book from Amazon
    (“Genesis: Translation and Commentary)
  • The poster of the Creation and Fall will be sent electronically


  • Your reflections will be written up for a research project
  • We are interested in your understanding and critique of the methodology
  • We are looking for your thoughts on any positive growth you may have experienced
  • What is your thought on the subject matter?
  • What subject matter (spiritual) are you interested in for the future?


Please send an e-mail to and indicate that you would like to participate in The Fall project, and are committed to the five  session dates. A follow-up email will be sent to you with more information and additional details.

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