Restoring the Personal Touch

Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150In business, technology is the indispensable enabler of communications, customer service, productivity and other functions.  You cannot compete without it.

But people want to do business with other people, not with faceless companies or their technology.  If technology identifies a new opportunity, how can you transform it into a personal interaction?

Years ago, our parents and grandparents knew the people that sold them their food, hardware, shoes, etc. and B-to-B transactions were conducted across a table.  There was a personal touch in each purchase that was the foundation for an enduring relationship.

Today, technology has provided buyers with many options and made it easy for them to evaluate their alternatives.  In the interest of time, the personal interaction is often waived.  It’s not until after the purchase, when surprises develop or results are less than satisfactory, that the buyer becomes aware of the need for personal service.  Neither seller nor buyer benefits when this situation arises.

The sharing of content and use of social media have been dominant tools for successful marketing programs for years now, but they are quickly becoming primary drivers for sales and service as well.

Sharing content and stories about productive installed solutions allows buyers to observe what companies are doing and what makes them different.  They can see who is engaged in their markets, and who might care about their problems and challenges.

Even if a face-to-face meeting is preferable, sellers and buyers can begin building their relationship by interacting in one-on-one dialogues using social media, taking us back to the time when establishing a personal relationship was the way business was conducted.  How could you resolve my problem?  Which option produces the most strategic value for me?  Why should I believe that you can deliver on your promise?

A genuine encounter with an individual sales or service representative humanizes and differentiates your organization, enabling people to buy from people.  In his book “The New Rules of Sales and Service,” David Scott explains these concepts more comprehensively.

How quickly does your sales team establish the personal touch with a prospect?

How could sharing content and use of social media accelerate your sales cycle?

Customer relationships are more valuable than individual transactions.
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