Preserve Professional-Personal Equilibrium

Use “whole life” perspective and insight to accelerate growth

Leadership Roundtables provide a relaxed environment to share and gather feedback with your peers who confront similar challenges.

Why is it vital to preserve balance between your responsibilities and Principles?

What leadership methods improve results?

How does Purpose drive profit?

Meeting monthly in a relaxed, small group environment, leaders exchange ideas and share feedback with the peers in their group. After every Roundtable, we meet with each member individually to help convert ideas into actions.

The benefits received by participating in either Executive Roundtable include:

  • Real-life perspectives and innovative suggestions
  • Genuine, candid advice from seasoned executives
  • Guidance and options regarding critical business decisions

Our No-Excuses Growth Executive Roundtable is a peer advisory group that provides the resources and guidance to accelerate growth and take your business to the next level.

Leaders are consumed with guiding their businesses to survive and react to the marketplace. But leaders are also the only ones responsible for delivering future growth. Carve out time in your schedule to focus on future as well as current.

Typical discussion topics include: increasing sales, improving sales team productivity, keeping pricing competitive, evaluating website SEO, accelerating production throughput, encouraging initiative and teamwork, managing performance, investing in technology, fostering employee engagement. The Roundtable members choose the topics we examine each month.

Our Ensouled Leadership Executive Roundtable is another peer advisory group that provides the resources and guidance to improve leader effectiveness.

“Ensouled” leaders produce sustainable growth and more value for all stakeholders by synchronizing their organization to achieve common Purpose & goals through commitment to customers and core Principles. “Ensouled” leaders:

  • Recognize that preserving relationships is the core tenant of sustained growth
  • Understand that commitment – promises made & kept – creates enduring trust
  • Lead through example and engagement with all stakeholders
  • Strive to preserve balance between their responsibilities and their core values
  • Seek to discover how their spirituality contributes to principled leadership

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