How can your business excel at
creating value for customers and other stakeholders?



What preserves equilibrium between
professional responsibilities and personal values?



Does your leadership inspire development
of your team’s competencies to fulfill your Purpose?


PointeVierge defines the “Virgin Heart” as core to any individual that strives for “wholeness and completeness.”

The demands on Leadership have changed. As experienced business leaders who have built businesses, we recognize that many leaders are exploring new ways to improve their skills and energize their people in a transformed, increasingly complex environment.

  • PointeVierge services offer transformational formation and guidance to meet the challenges leaders face today. We seek to establish an “ensouled” foundation that aligns professional responsibilities with core values and leads using Principles that bind the organization together to create value for all stakeholders.

Our associates have the expertise to guide and support the exploration of your core values, their linkage to your spirituality, and the necessary action of fulfilling your professional responsibilities.

We understand challenge and engagement.

We hear your story and leverage your competencies
to build your “ensouled” foundation.

We don’t make suggestions. Instead, we assist in shaping
and carving your ideas into action.


PointeVierge Services

Preserve Professional-Personal Equilibrium 

Align Leadership with Core Values 

Renew the Spirit