Leadership Happens in the Moments


Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Every day, there are moments when you can choose to lead. Leadership is more about these moments than it is about accomplishing grand initiatives.  Making a difference is all about these moments.

One member of your team might be stuck and need your guidance or suggestions to open another path.

When a choice between two possible options is required, rather than immediately making the decision, you ask your team to consider if one alternative emerges as the better choice when the quantifiable benefits of the alternatives, and timing of those benefits, are evaluated on the basis of which option strengthens the company’s competitive advantage and better fulfills its Purpose.

An associate may reveal an ongoing conflict with a peer, offering you an opportunity to recommend a means of resolution that aligns with your company’s core values.

When speaking to a group about the future of your business, you paint a vision that is grounded in your organization’s culture of recognizing your people as your competitive advantage, challenging the status quo, and encouraging every associate to invest discretionary effort.

Each day, you seek opportunities to thank someone for a job well done.

There are moments like these in every day when you can choose to lead, and each one of them will inspire your associates to make a difference.

How can you be more alert for leadership moments?
When a leadership moment emerges,
will you be prepared to seize it?

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