Leadership and Challenge

Bob Schultek
Author of The Gauntlet

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 There are times when leaders must confront adversity that threatens their business. Other times, to improve performance, they disrupt the established order by challenging the status quo. Whether the challenge is external or internal, leaders make things happen. Leadership and challenge are inseparable.
Business leaders you admire are likely remembered for launching an entrepreneurial venture, developing a novel product and service, transforming a failing business, or revolutionizing an industry. Challenge was the context in which these leaders operated and productive change was their message.
The best leadership stories describe triumphs over trouble, departures from the past, doing what has never been done, or going where no one has ever been.  Every story is about challenge and change.
There’s no need to study historical leaders to learn this lesson. You can find it in committed leaders like you, working at every level of an organization. They may be fighting complacency and seeking improvement by disturbing the status quo, challenging what is possible and pursuing new opportunities. Or, they may be guiding people through uncertainty, disruption, transition, recovery, new initiatives and other significant challenges.
The uncertainty and fear often triggered by challenge and change may be seen by some as negative, de-motivating influences in leadership, but exemplary leaders recognize them as prerequisites for success. Uncertainty is a necessary change ingredient that focuses energy and encourages everyone to do their best in meeting a challenge.
Leaders emerge and businesses evolve when a challenge is resolved.  Leadership and challenge are inseparable.
What leadership tools did you use to resolve 
your most recent challenge?
How often do you disrupt the status quo?

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