Investing Your Irreplaceable Time

Bob Schultek Author of The Gauntlet

With the holidays behind us, the routine of our life returns, bringing its heightened awareness of time. The digits we use to measure it will dominate once again, and since time is irreplaceable, the choices we make about investing it will dictate results. Before your routine reasserts its impact on your life, consider how you invested your valuable time last year.

  • What did you accomplish? What worked, and what didn’t? Why is that? Did your accomplishments fulfill your purpose as a business? What unmet goals or objectives should be carried forward into 2020?
  • How did your business make a difference for your customers? How often were you able to quantify the benefits you produced? How did creating value for these customers subsequently create value for your business? How can you build on this to help them progress towards their 2020 goals? What new idea can you propose that would strengthen their business and yours?
  • How could you work smarter in the new year? What can you simplify to move faster? What processes can be improved? What obstacles must be overcome to make your business more nimble and your response to opportunities more rapid?
  • Why do your people invest their time and talents in your business? How might you better recognize those who make a difference for your customers and your business? How might you better inspire them to invest some of their valuable time to better serve your customers and one another? How do you help your leadership team cultivate cross-functional collaboration and shared ownership within the organization to improve results?

May 2020 deliver greater prosperity and fulfillment for you, 
your people and your business!

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