Align Strategy with Culture & Competencies

How is your business making a difference for your customers?

What makes your customer relationships sustainable?

Why do your people choose to invest their talents and energy in your business versus the alternatives?


In a dynamic, competitive market, where customers believe they can find all they need on the internet, and where a competitive advantage built on technology cannot long be sustained, it’s an organization’s culture and people that constitute its most sustainable competitive advantage.

Harvard’s James Heskett argues that “Culture can account for up to half of the difference in operating profit between two organizations in the same business. Shaping a culture is one of a leader’s most important jobs; it can be ignored, but only for so long and at one’s peril.”

Evaluating an organization’s culture can be challenging, involving more qualitative that quantitative metrics. Most acquisition due diligence processes inadequately evaluate cultural parameters.

The consequences of a deficient cultural appraisal are significant – extended acquisition integration, wasted time, energy and money, lost opportunities and irreversible damage to the acquired company’s culture that often reduces its contribution to the merged organization.


We help you appreciate how your business makes a difference in the market.

We determine what makes your customer relationships enduring and sustainable.

We discover why your people choose to invest their talents and energy in your business versus the alternatives.


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