“Grolistic has been instrumental in helping my organization develop and execute an approach that produces strategic value allowing us to exceed our customers’ expectations and accelerate our growth.” ~Darlene Campagna, Direct Opinions

“Studio Graphique engaged Grolistic to help strengthen our distinctiveness, develop a strategic growth plan based on our unique value, and implement our strategies. As a former small business owner, Bob promptly grasped our challenges, listened to our story and helped us to develop a plan based on the success we have already earned. His experience building businesses helped us quickly identify our obstacles and competencies. Bob’s group involves the whole organization in the planning process, working at the strategic level through the organization including leadership, teams and individuals. Interestingly, Bob’s diverse background has been in other industries, not the creative field. We saw that as a benefit as he offered a lens that was more universally business-oriented. Still, he quickly understood our industry, services and markets.

Grolistic’s work is personal and versatile, and they remain engaged with us to guide our strategy implementation. They easily adapt to our requests or the need for additional support, and act as advocates for our business. ~Rachel Downey, StudioGraphique

“Grolistic helped us stabilize our business, strengthen our distinctiveness and grow our business. Their experience and ability to engage easily with all of us at Three Springs helped us identify opportunities and work together to achieve our goals.” ~L. Owen, President, 3 Springs Water Company

“Bob helped us demonstrate to our customers how our services could add value to their business and help them achieve their goals more quickly. This strengthened our customer relationships and opened new opportunities. His strong interpersonal skills, sense of urgency, and ability to effectively align our competencies with our customers’ business strategies made customers want to deal with us.” ~Steve S., Ph.D., Director of Sales & Support

“Bob helped us build enduring relationships with customers, and with all of us who worked with him. His professionalism, integrity, and dedication are exemplary. If you are striving to grow your business, then I strongly suggest that you consider working with Bob.” ~Barbara W., Ph.D., Department Head

“I wish I had known about Bob and his programs 12 years ago. Bob’s approach is so refreshing- he captures the essence of my job perfectly and reminds me that business is about making a true human connection to help customers find the RIGHT solutions for their projects.”
~Cheryl Hite, Project Manager, NextGen Pharma Technologies


“Bob Schultek has tremendous industry experience in the selling and operations areas that help you understand how people-oriented selling truly works. He offers a targeted way to inspect your sales process and to focus on problem/solution as a means of demonstrating understanding. Bob had great suggestions that we immediately implemented on how to reduce price pressure by focusing on goals and outcomes within the proposal process.” ~Kristy Amy, President, OnMark Solutions

“I have worked with GrowthPointe (in particular Bob Schultek) on a series of programs. I went through the Growth Sales Triage and have worked with Bob one on one for individualized coaching with my business development. I found the Growth Triage very useful as it tuned me in to understanding each customer / potential customer’s communication styles and helped me relate services we provide to helping them achieve goals versus completing tasks. In the one on one coaching, we have focused on organizing my activities, my contacts and plans to best serve my current clients. We also went deeper into Customer Partnered Selling with critical topics such as:

  • Talking with customers about their goals and strategies as opposed to specific services we provide;
  • Tying our services to their goals and strategies;
  • Understanding the differences in decisions made by CEO’s and decisions made by line manager – focus on the future vs. focus on the present.

As a result of our working together, I have revised my firm’s proposal format to make it more customer goal centric and have gotten very good feedback from customers. I have also fine tuned my business development efforts and am seeing better activity and deal flow.” ~Peter Constantino