Effective Pronouncements Answer These 3 Questions

Robert Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Pronouncements are common in business. They may announce a new plan, or perhaps a change in policy or procedure.

When the ‘pronouncing’ leader’s message is thoughtful, culture-centric, and focused on value creation for customers and the business, a pronouncement can lead to subsequent team dialogue that heightens understanding and prompts action towards the stated goal.

For this post-pronouncement momentum to occur, the leader’s script should answer these 3 questions when proclaiming the new approach:

1. Why is it necessary? Include a practical, realistic explanation about why the proposal is necessary, and why the market, organization or system should respond positively to it.

2. How will it work? Describe the mechanics involved in implementing the new approach, and how they align with the organization’s values or culture.

3. What is the expected outcome? Specify what is expected to happen once action is taken, and when the projected benefits should be realized.

Pronouncements that don’t address these questions spawn uncertainty, inhibiting the dialogue and action necessary to create progress.

How consistently do your pronouncements address these 3 questions?

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