“I have worked with other consultants and coaches over the years, which led to some incremental changes in my businesses. Working with DecisionPointe provided world class coaching that was transformational. They have uncanny instincts about people and business, which helped us immensely with alignment, productivity and growth. I highly recommend them.”
Chris M. – President/Entrepreneur

“Our company has experienced dramatic, sustained growth over the past few years. We sensed that the growth in revenue had outpaced the development of our staff and turned to your company for assistance. Our only regret is we had not done so sooner. Vic and the entire DecisionPointe team have been instrumental in outlining clear, practical, and result oriented practices to create better alignment between departments and transform our culture to a collaborative, performance based team. And the one on one executive coaching has yielded tremendous benefits for our executives, on both an individual and collective basis.” Bill F. – President

“DecisionPointe has been a tremendous asset to our team as they guided us through a critical growth phase of our business. Their insights into people and team dynamics have positively influenced our strategic direction. I truly find DecisionPointe to be a valuable resource and look forward to every meeting.” Kristy A. – President/Owner

“The foundation of any great business starts with its’ people. Decision Point has been instrumental in helping my organization over the last several years understand not only who we are as individual contributors but how we need to function as a team to achieve our core business goals and exceed our customers’ expectations. If not for Decision Point, we would still be struggling to get the right people on the bus. Instead, we are now focusing on executing our growth strategies.” Darlene C. – President/Owner

“DecisionPointe helped me look at the present and future of my company and hiring people. Their consulting and support gave me the launch that I needed to send me in the right direction with my company. I am thoroughly grateful to them for sending me networking contacts and articles that helped me launch this business. DecisionPointe is highly recommended by me to anyone in business, starting a business or needing to improve their business. They have the experience that is needed to grow any company…professional, personable, intelligent and full of experience. I highly recommend DecisionPointe as a career coach for your business!” Deb S. – President/Owner

“Vic and DecisionPointe helped me in the lead up as I started my business in 2009. In addition to taking the time to learn about me and my interests, they helped me learn about myself and my interests, which ultimately aided me in launching my business. They are true professionals and real experts. My time with them was always personable, but also highly productive. They would offer advice, but mostly help me to understand the path I wanted to take and help me to work out the details. I would highly recommend DecisionPointe.” Kelley H. – Owner/Executive Producer