“Vic Pergola and Grolistic provide professional and leadership training of the highest quality. He ensures that you get the best our of yourself in a patient and persistent effort to see you achieve your career goals. I recommend him to men and women of all stages of their professional career.” Nancy V. -Cleveland Office Managing Partner at Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP


“I was fortunate to have been introduced to DecisionPoint via networking while conducting a search for employment. Working with Vic Pergola has been far more rewarding than all the interactions with the executive coaching staff of two of the region’s leading outplacement firms in the same time frame. I recommend DecisionPoint without hesitation to any executive or management team for its coaching and consulting prowess.” Ray O. – Vice President, HR


“I was introduced to DecisionPointe as a result of being downsized from my job. Faced with a choice between the traditional outplacement service and DecisionPointe, it became apparent after meeting with them that DecisionPointe was the route to go for me to understand what I wanted to do next in my career, and worked with me to better understand my personality type, work style and strengths and weaknesses. Although I had done all of this before, the context was much different. They provided great insight as to directions I might want to pursue. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.” Pete D. – Chief Financial Officer


“DecisionPointe has been amazing, providing actionable guidance, emotional support, and perspectives that are truly unique. I originally came to them for assistance in changing careers. But just a few weeks with them I was displaced, and the original plan needed to be modified suitable for my new situation. Almost immediately, along with my input, they formulated a new plan that was pragmatic but also enlightening. It opened new career paths that I had never thought of previously. Due to their efforts and suggestions, I am now a full-time professor at the University of Akron. For the first in a long time, I am truly happy with what I am accomplishing. I wouldn’t have made it to this point without their wisdom.” Doug R. – Professor of Statistics/Former Business Analyst


“Vic and others at DecisionPointe work off each other’s strengths to provide candid, meaningful counsel in a professional, supportive environment. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop a better sense of themselves and their capabilities.” Marcia M. – Accounting Executive


“There are times when businesses and/or individuals require an external look to remain healthy and productive. These times are challenging and, without the proper guidance, can be painful. DecisionPointe provides everything that a single individual or a group of many may need to continue on a path of success. Their care for their clients, ability to identify key issues and jointly build plans for improvement is unparalleled. I recommend DecisionPointe without reservation.” Michelle K. – Operations Director


“DecisionPointe has been an incredible help to my career, professional and personal growth. As I have navigated through a very difficult time and have now moved forward in my current opportunity I have much to thank them for. They have always provided incredible support, wisdom and honesty about my progress and process. One of the greatest compliments I can share is to encourage people to speak with these folks and let them know I have a short list of people I can say to anyone “it’s absolutely worth a conversation with them” and they are on my short list.” Gregg M. – Sales Executive