Cultivating Shared Accountability

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

High performing teams embrace shared accountability. Having committed that the ownership of their decisions is shared by the team rather than by their leader alone, they rely on one another to achieve results. The leaders of these teams cultivate this environment of shared responsibility by:

  • Ensuring that all team members operate under common standards of performance, fostering appreciation and satisfaction;
  • Encouraging team members to challenge the status quo, to experiment, and to leverage their initiative and experience, driving improvements or innovations;
  • Elevating respect for team commitments to meeting deadlines and delivering on expectations;
  • Educating the team on setting priorities and adapting them when changing circumstances demand;
  • Establishing the means for team members to challenge and support one another when individual performance slips;
  • Embracing dialogue within the team, and cross-functionally, to overcome obstacles, to accelerate activity, and to make a difference for customers, associates and the business.

These leaders understand their responsibility to accelerate progress towards their organization’s goals, while operating in accordance with company values. They promote a sense of shared ownership in the future of the business. They recognize their team’s longing to do work that matters, to make a difference, which earns them respect and the appreciation of their leader and company. Together with their team, these leaders improve results and create value.

How are you cultivating shared accountability with your team?

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