Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed.

It’s what motivates consideration of a supplier. It’s the primary reason that people choose to follow their leaders.

Credibility is all about reliability, authenticity and accountability…walking the talk, keeping promises.

Demonstrating credibility as an individual involves living in accordance with your personal core values. Doing so guides direction, decision-making and commitment. When obligations are honored, personal credibility is strengthened.

The same is true for those who seek to lead. With their personal values as a foundation, credible leaders lead by example, modelling expected behaviors aligned with their company’s values. They recognize the responsibility of leading from the front, being first to reach out and listen to their people, first to observe policies, and first to make sacrifices. And through their actions, these leaders earn respect for being genuine, trustworthy and credible.

For such leaders, actions live long after any words they may have uttered. They succeed because people view them as credible and choose to follow them. Their actions inspire others to invest discretionary time, energy and talent, making a difference by improving the business and accelerating progress. And the result is a vibrant, sustainable organization that flourishes and endures.

How do you assess your credibility as a leader?
How might you strengthen your credibility?

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