Circumstantial Leadership

Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Leaders understand that success is the result of adapting to circumstances.  How much direct influence is required to achieve the goal?  When a significant change impacts the business or a crisis arises, a more directive approach is necessary.  When the organization is functioning well, then a more empowering style can be effective.  What remains constant, regardless of the circumstances, is the pull to be drawn into today’s problems, potentially diverting your attention from future opportunities for your business.

I like Seth Godin’s perspective on dealing with problems so I’d like to share it with you.

The Problem with Problems
Seth Godin–November 27, 2014

We have limits. There are challenges, limited resources, people or organizations working against you. Your knee hurts, the boss is a jerk, the systems are down.

We have opportunities. There are opportunities, new sources of leverage and ideas just waiting to be embraced. You can share something, give something, make something better.

There are always limits, and there are always opportunities. The ones we rehearse and focus on are the ones that shape our attitude and our actions. How many times a day do you think about or announce the limits you face, the people who cannot be trusted, the problems that are weighing you down?

The problem with problems is that they always keep us from focusing on opportunities, on a chance to contribute and to make something better. Focus on our opportunities doesn’t mean the problems don’t exist, it merely means that we are far more likely to do something that matters.

Gratitude and opportunity create more of the same.

How are today’s problems consuming your time?

How can you remain focused on opportunities?

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