Building Organizational Resilience

Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Organizational resilience is the proportion of energy that an organization consumes in productive activities. An agile organization relies on resilience to adapt in reaction to significant change or challenge. The combination of 4 elements enables organizational resilience:

  1. Personal Alignment: Individuals in the business, particularly the leaders, walk the talk – their behaviors are aligned with the company’s values, demonstrating credibility and integrity that builds trust.
  2. Structural Alignment: Teams within the business act in accordance with the company values and culture, in addition to its rules, structures and systems of governance, showing a collective integrity of shared commitment and accountability that facilitates progress.
  3. Values Alignment: The values and behaviors of individuals, and the collective values and behaviors of their teams, are aligned so that everyone is acting in accordance with the company’s culture, creating coherence, collaboration and productivity. 
  4. Purpose/Mission Alignment: There is alignment between the company’s purpose/mission motive and its profit motive. Its purpose is the core of an organization’s culture, its values and behaviors reveal how that culture lives within the business, and all employees understand how they make a difference for customers, each other, and the company, fostering clarity, focus and trust.

Leaders build
Culture drives employee fulfillment. 
Employee fulfillment drives customer satisfaction. 
Customer satisfaction drives value creation. 

How are you building organizational resilience?

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